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A Case Study in Due Diligence

We all understand the importance of doing our due diligence whenever we embark on an expensive home improvement renovation like replacing a roof. For the most part, homeowners take the time to thoroughly review their quotes, ask questions, and gather as much information as possible so that they understand what they’re getting for their money. But there are varying degrees of due diligence. In this article, we’d like to share a story from one of our clients who demonstrated the importance of a thorough due diligence and the value of doing an apples-to-apples comparison between all the roof replacement quotes they received.
Scenario - A homeowner with a 14-year-old roof was tired of patch jobs and expensive temporary repairs and decided to obtain quotes to replace their roof. The homeowner was very forthcoming with all the roofing issues they’d experienced over the years, including the fact that there were three layers of shingles on the roof and they lived in an area with a lot of animal activity on the roofs.
Quoting Process - Rovis Roofing was one of several roofing contractors asked to provide a quote for the roof replacement project. In addition to factoring in all the information provided by the homeowner, we obtained satellite imagery of the property so that we could study the roof line and its particulars. One item that stood out immediately from the images were the opposing roof vents, along with the missing shingles and patch-jobs from previous repairs. We knew right away that this roof wasn’t breathing at all, and it was likely that the roofing issues the homeowner had experienced were a direct result of the opposing roof vent deficiency. Not only did the opposing roof vent issue need to be corrected when the roof was replaced, but the soffit cavities needed to be assessed to ensure proper breathability for the new roof.
Rotted plywood on a residential roof Rotted plywood on a residential roof Rotted plywood on a residential roof
We prepared our quote to remove three layers of shingles, correct the opposing roof vents and perform a soffit cavity check, offered the option of installing metal roof vents to address the animal issue, along with the installation of a full roofing system. We also included a supporting document to better explain the ventilation issues we noted on the roof to inform and educate the homeowner, and why correcting this deficiency was crucial to the durability and longevity of the new roof.
Due Diligence - A few days after submitting our quote, the homeowner called us to review and discuss what we had presented. The homeowner had a lot of questions, which is always a great sign of someone who wants to understand exactly what is going to be done to their roof and their home.
The homeowner then proceeded to tell us that out of all the quotes they had received, ours was the most expensive. However, the homeowner went on to say that we were the only ones who accounted for the removal of three layers of shingles, the only ones who offered the option of metal roof vents, and the only ones to mentioned anything about the opposing roof vents. Perhaps we should’ve been surprised by this, but we weren’t. The fact is that many roofing contractors in York Region simply do not take the time to fully understand the true scope of work required for each individual project they undertake, and many of their quotes are a template of the last designed to be as appealing as possible in terms of price in an effort to win the job and avoid educating the homeowner on what exactly needs to be done to their roof to solve the issues they’ve been experiencing.
We explained to the homeowner that our price was accurate for the scope of work required. We also requested the homeowner exercise caution regarding any quote that did not account for the obvious correction of the opposing roof vents because if this issue wasn’t addressed, the new roof would continue to experience problems within a short period of time. The homeowner took a couple of days to digest all the information, came back to us with a few follow up questions, and shortly thereafter informed us that we had been awarded the project.
The Work - The first step in the process was to remove the three layers of shingles and all the old roofing components to expose the roof deck so we could inspect it and ensure it was in sound condition. This alone took nearly two days to complete because most of the bottom layer of shingles were fused to the roof deck (this is why you should only have ONE layer of shingles on a roof!). Next, we had to correct the opposing roof vents, which was done by installing vent plugs in each of the existing vent holes that opposed the other. Vent plugs are designed to fit snugly into the roof vent hole and sit flush with the roof deck, thereby allowing underlayments and shingles to be installed overtop without any lifting or bulging. You wouldn’t even know a roof vent once existed in a spot that has been correctly sealed with a proper vent plug.
Ice and water shield and synthetic underlayment installed on a roof Synthetic underlayment being installed on a roof
Once the vent plugs were installed, the crew lifted the plywood at the lower edges of the roof to reveal the soffit cavities. As we suspected, all the soffit cavities around the perimeter of the roof were completely blocked with batts of old insulation, meaning that this roof hadn’t been breathing at all over the last 14 years. The crew removed the blockage to allow air into the attic space, thereby creating the proper breathability that would allow the new roof to provide that 25-30-year reliability and peace of mind.
Ice and water shield and synthetic underlayment installed on a roof Synthetic underlayment being installed on a roof
Next, we installed the underlayments, starter shingles, new valleys, and pipe boots, followed by the main shingles, and new metal roof vents that the homeowner had opted for to eliminate any potential animal damage down the line.
Cracked pipe boot flashing on a roof Old roof vents reused on a new roof that are cracking
This was a great project for our team and we were incredibly fortunate to have worked with such an amazing homeowner. Here’s what they had to say following completion of the project:
“Rovis Roofing did a great job replacing our roof. The installation team was very professional and were great to work with. They explained every step of the job so there weren't any surprises. I definitely recommend Rovis Roofing. Thanks again, see you in 30 years!”
Doing your due diligence is important regardless of the home improvement project you’re planning to undertake. But when it comes to your roof, the level of due diligence you exercise can be the difference between a good job and a good price.
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