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We're immersed in the world of roofing day in and day out, but chances are you aren't! So, when it comes time for roofing services, you'll likely have some questions. Here are some common questions we've received over the years. 

Do you do small jobs?

Absolutely! No job is too small - that's why many of our services have been designed with the flat-rate concept. You'll know exactly what the cost is, when the work will be done, and that the the job will be completed properly with photographic evidence. 

How do you quote a roof replacement?

We use a specialized roofing software that provides us with an HD aerial image of the property. Inside the software, we trace the roof lines, including all slopes and special characteristics of the property, which then generates the measurement details and material quantities. 

What products/materials do you install?

We offer the choice of either the BP Weather-Tite® roofing system or the Owens Corning Total Protection® roofing system for our roof replacement projects. The same high-end materials are also used on all our roof repairs. All roofing materials are ordered direct from the manufacturer on a per-job basis. We install either composite or metal roof vents, and all attic insulation is AttiCat® Pink blown-in expanding fiberglass insulation. 

What warranties do you offer?

All roof repairs carry a 60-day Workmanship Warranty, unless otherwise specified. Roof replacements include a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer, which protects against any product defects, along with a 10-year Labour Warranty protecting you against any workmanship issues. Warranties for other types of installations vary based on the materials installed. 

Are your estimates free?

Yes! All of our quotes are free! Just ask us for a quote for whatever service you need and we'll be happy to provide all the details.

Do you carry insurance?

Absolutely. As a company, we carry $2M in liability insurance. All roofing crews and technicians carry individual liability insurance, along with WSIB and a Working at Heights certificate. 

Who are your roofing suppliers?

We purchase our roofing materials directly from Gibson Building Supplies in Aurora, and our metal items from Buchner Manufacturing in Newmarket. We've chosen these two suppliers because of their vast selection, competitive pricing, and the fact that they store their materials indoors and not outside in a yard exposed to the elements, meaning that there's no premature wear on the items to be installed on your roof. We don't keep any stock on hand and order specifically for the work required on each individual project. 

Do you use subcontractors?

Just like every other roofing company, we, too, use subcontractors. To learn more about subcontractors in roofing, check out this article here. The manner in which Rovis Roofing selects subcontractors is different than most. We seek to partner with other business owners who share the same values, ethics and professionalism we do. All our subcontractors must pass a rigorous training and follow our processes. If any of these criteria are not met, we simply don't partner with them. 

Can you give me a ballpark cost for my roof?

No, we can't. We're not in the business of guessing. There are multiple variables that go into the cost of a new roof, so in order to provide a proper quote just ask us for one (it's free!). Learn more about what goes into the cost of a roof replacement here

How do I pay for services?

Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer, especially for smaller services like roof repairs and roof/attic inspections. You can also pay by credit card if desired. Cheques, or a combination of methods, are acceptable for roof replacement projects. 

Will weather affect my service appointment?

If the weather is unsuitable for roofing work, our office will notify you and your service will be moved to the next available date and given priority in the queue.

Got a question that isn't listed? No problem!
Contact us and we'd be pleased to provide an answer.  

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